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Cultural Performances

Garuda Cilik

GWK have open new facilities, “Garuda Cinema”. Watch our animation movies “Garuda Cilik Adventure”, Winner of Citra Cup Award for the best short animation film in FFI 2015


DAY Monday – Sunday
LOCATION Garuda Cinema

11.00 – 11.35 WITA
12.00 – 12.35 WITA
13.00 – 13.35 WITA
14.00 – 14.35 WITA
15.00 – 15.35 WITA
16.00 – 16.35 WITA
17.00 – 17.35 WITA
18.00 – 18.35 WITA

GWK Kecak Dance, Traditional Balinese Cultural Performance
GWK amphitheater
Not only showcasing fascinating tourism destination, everyday GWK also present you many Indonesian traditional music and dances, especially Balinese. At the Amphitheater of Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Bali, we give our visitors a free daily performance of Balinese famous dance, Kecak. Our specials are collaboration between Kecak and other traditional dances resulting in unique & fresh dance performances everyday.