Venues Of Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Cultural Park

Lotus Pond

The Lotus is the ultimate symbol of beauty, prosperity, and fertility. Wisnu himself always carried a Lotus in his hand and almost all the Gods of Hindu described to be seating on or carrying the flower. Some interesting facts are that the lotus plant grows up through the water, having its root in the illus or mud, and spreading its flower in the air above. The lotus epitomizes human life and the cosmos. Lotus root sinks in the mud and symbolizes material life. The stalk passes up through the water personifies existence in the astral world. The flower floats above the water open up to the sky is the emblem of spiritual being.

Lotus Pond is one of the main venues besides the GWK statue. It is an exotic site, located right in the centre of GWK area, surrounded by land art of limestone pillars with the magnificent Garuda statue as the background. Lotus Pond is the biggest outdoor area, even the largest in Bali. GWK has been well experienced in holding a number of large scaled prestigious events, and Lotus Pond is often preferred as place for music concerts, international gatherings, and big parties.