Venues Of Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Cultural Park

Wisnu Plaza

Wisnu Plaza is currently the highest ground in GWK area where the most important piece of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, a 20-meters high part of the monumental statue of Wisnu, is temporarily placed.

On a particular time of the day, some traditional Balinese art are performed with the majestic statue of Wisnu as the background. The surrounding offers a breathtaking panoramic view due to the altitude of tge place. From one of the highest points at the hill of Ungasan, you can appreciate the sunrise or sunset over the magnificent view of Kuta, Benoa and Sanur.

The focal point of Wisnu Plaza, the Wisnu statue, is surrounded by a water fountain and a nearby holy water well, Parahyangan Somaka Giri. The well (Giri) is historically believed as a blessing with powerful magical power to heal illness and to ask the gods for rain during dry season. Due to its location on high ground (on a hill), this natural phenomenon is considered sacred and the local people believe it to be the holy water.