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Cultural Park

Special Event

Not only showcasing fascinating tourism destination, everyday GWK also present you many Indonesian traditional music and dances, especially Balinese.

Kecak Dance, Everyday

At the Amphitheater of Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Bali, we give our visitors a free daily performance of Balinese famous dance, Kecak. Our specials are collaboration between Kecak and other traditional dances resulting in unique & fresh dance performances everyday.

Kecak was originally a trance ritual accompanied by male chorus. German painter and musician Walter Spies became deeply interested in the ritual while living in Bali in the 1930s and worked to recreate it into a drama, based on the Hindu Ramayana and including dance, intended to be presented to Western tourist audiences. This transformation is an example of what James Clifford describes as part of the "modern art-culture system" in which, "the West or the central power adopts, transforms, and consumes non-Western or peripheral cultural elements, while making 'art' which was once embedded in the culture as a whole, into a separate entity." Spies worked with Wayan Limbak and Limbak popularized the dance by traveling throughout the world with Balinese performance groups. These travels have helped to make the Kecak famous throughout the world.


Special Event Schedule
Balinese Dance
Time 10.00-10.40
Location Amphitheatre
Balinese Parade
Time 16.00-17.20
Location Ticketing Area - Wisnu Plaza
Balinese Dance - Joged Bumbung
Time 17-30-18.20
Location Street Theater
Balinese Dance - Kecak Garuda Wisnu
Time 18.30-19.20
Location Amphitheatre
Accoustic Music by Trio Accoustic
Time 19.00-21.00
Location The New Beranda/ Jendela Bali